Game On

Mico Studio is bound to one clear fact:The world of games is evolving at a pace it has never reached before. A studio from Finland grows a mobile app featuring a slingshot and little red birds into iconic video game franchise downloaded over 2 billion times. A video game developer veteran raises 3.3 million dollars on Kickstarter for a point and click adventure without a story or title; and major studios blend the virtual and physical worlds with games like Infinity and Skylander.

We’ve combined a mobile game with 3D printing technology, successfully raised funds on Kickstarer, landed an international mobile game distributor, and quickly rose to the top 25 downloads on the App Store.

And we can do it all for you!

From sketching your first characters and storyboards to designing and animating your 3D assets, we’ve got your creative production covered from start to finish.

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