Monster drawings


We’ve been posting drawings of our monsters since the beginning of this project. On our Instagram account (@monstermaticapp) we posted about 80 finalized monster drawings, but there is something we never shared before: Process.
Sometimes process is more important than the goal itself, because it defines it! It’s only through sketching, erasing and sketching some more that I start to get a sense of what the final monster is going to look like. So, here it is, my 90 min monster drawing process compressed into a 30 sec video. First one one of many 🙂



KS Update: First look at Augmented Reality in Monstermatic

Hi Everyone,

Augmented Reality or AR, is a live, direct view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated graphics. We’re happy to add this exciting feature to Monstermatic!!! We’re still adding working on real time interactions and special effect.

Make sure to have a look at our Kickstarter and please show your support by pledging! Have a great weekend 🙂



Monstermatic, the first 3D printing game, is live on Kickstarter!


Los Angeles, California based gaming startup Mico Studio has just recently announced their first title: Monstermatic.  They have launched a Kickstarter project to complete the final stages of development.  The project will have until October 15th to reach its funding goal of $30,000.

To view the Monstermatic project, please go to:


Monstermatic is the first FREE mobile game app that allows users to create and 3D print custom designed monsters. Players are given tools to imagine, interact, share, and ultimately unleash their monsters into the world through 3D printing technology. New monsters and further customization options can be unlocked simply by playing the game. All monster parts are interchangeable. Design combinations are endless! In addition to creating monsters, the application offers a number of other unique and fun features.

  • 10 unique designs and fully animated monsters. Each monster features 5 swappable parts.
  • Color control and shape tools for further customization options.
  • Fully integrated 3D printing capabilities.
  • Augmented Reality, Interactivity and social networking integration
  • Game mechanics, sounds FX and polished User Interface.

Those who pledged their support for Monstermatic on Kickstarter will get a variety of rewards depending on their level of contribution, from original artwork postcards to the opportunity of being part of the game development and becoming an executive producer.

It would mean the world to us if you could share the link above with your friends. Thanks for your support 🙂




Kickstarter, Here we come!


This is it! We just received and email from the Kickstarter team, we are approved and ready to go live. We are launching Monstermatic, the FIRST 3D PRINTING GAME, Monday September 16th 2013. The email ends with: “You’ll do great! We can’t wait to see your project live.”  Best, Luke.

We have been working very hard for this and I want to give a special thanks to the entire Mico Studio team for being so dedicated to the project.