MONSTERMATIC is now available on the US App Store


As a gamer, I played countless, restless, sleepless hours, wandering dungeons, building avatars, collecting coins and upgrading my weapons and armors but I never imagined my character could leave the digital world. And if I did, it would have blown my mind. I can only imagine my LVL 62 gnome thief with its shadow armor and poisonous daggers from WoW standing on a shelf between my lvl 23 Imperial from Skyrim and my killer huntress from Diablo 3.

This is what we tried to do in Monstermatic. We build a bridge to fill the gap between the digital and the physical world so that your favorite characters, the ones you spend so much time building, creating, tweaking and customizing, could be immortalized in the physical world at any time.

Monstermatic is an app that inspires kids of all ages to engage in creative play. It features 10 different monsters, each with different personalities and swappable parts for children to design, to play with, and share with their friends. Ultimately they can unleash their monsters into the world through 3D printing technology.

For a limited time, to thank our Beta testers and all the amazing people who supported us in this incredible journey, we offer Monstermatic and all its digital content, completely for free on the App Store. Please download it, rate it, share it with your friends and help us make Monstermatic a success.
You can download the app here:


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.



Testing Monstermatic with 12 kids


Until this weekend, we never had a chance to see a group of children from 4 to 10 years old, interact with Monstermatic. Saturday at 2 pm, 12 kids from the neighborhood came in the office and put our app to the test. They had 20 min to create monsters, use the new paint tool, take pictures, make them dance and try all the different features. There was a great energy during the session and I was thrilled to see how much they enjoyed playing the app.


After collecting their thoughts, I had a little fun making a graphic chart to visualize where we needed improvements. I gathered all user stories under the main features of the app and scaled them according to their popularity, good or bad. Then, I added the different topics and highlighted the keyword. As we can see, the hottest feature was “play” with 13 mentions during the session closely followed by the Design feature. Topics in the Play feature were ranging from more farting, to making them travel to New York and using the camera.

We also noticed a lot of behavioral differences between age groups. Kids aged 5 or less had a kick out of simple animations and giggled every time they saw a new one while kids over 6 years old were really interested into the customization options and were constantly looking for more.

A lot came out of this 2 hour focus group and we already started fixing a number of issues. It was tremendously helpful, it gave us tangible answers as to who our target is and how they use Monstermatic.

Thanks a bunch to all our participants!



We’re releasing this January!

Happy new year everyone,

You’ll be pleased to hear that all is on track and that we’ll be releasing Monstermatic this month. Exciting times indeed, we have been officially approved by the App Store – woop!

Thanks to the awesome feedback from our beta testers we’re making the final adjustments before the release. We’re also adding an amazing DRAW FEATURE (which I’ll tell more about in the very near future) and making sure everything looks perfect on the App Store: pictures, description, website, etc…

There’s great energy coming through this project and we can’t wait for you to download it and experience it for yourself!