Moving forward!


Hi there,

Start ups like us don’t have the pressure big studios have when they release a new game/app. We get the chance to gather feedback from early adopters after the release and keep on readjusting until our product is perfect. During the past 3 months, we’ve been listening very carefully to your requests and we’re excited to announce that our latest update includes these amazing improvements:

1. A light hearted mini game and wicked cool nurturing mechanics for some real monster bonding. (Careful not to feed it too much!)

2. Now, you can order custom made T-shirts just like the 3D printed monsters AND you can knock off 100% of the merchandise price with coins you’ve earned in the game.

3. We found a partner to handle 3D printing and deliveries of little monsters in EU. So, now, Monstermatic is available across all Europe. C’est super!

4. A sick new item from the volcanic cliffs of Hawaii : the  Tiki mask.

5. Finally, Monstermatic is completely free to play with no IAP. (In App Purchases)

We have big plans for Monstermatic and we hope you stick around to watch our little App grow into a success. We have more mini games coming and we started talking with talent-tastic artists about including their designs into the Monstermatic universe.

With this update we are finally ready for our first marketing push. That being said, the best marketing comes from you. So, please keep sending us your feedback, continue to leave us reviews on the App Store and let the roar of your monsters be heard across the realm of Twitter, Facebook and the interweb communities.