GUIDE: RoadKill and Maya UV’ing for 3D Printing Mobile Games


Maya’s UVing capabilities are limited, so it’s best to use an external program. Roadkill is an excellent freeware application that can be used within Maya, but works best as an external tool. You can find it here:


– Export your object as an .obj and bring it into Roadkill.


Under the texture menu there are 3 different ways to view the UV’s. The last one gives you a visual clue of how much stretch is being applied:

– Checkered-Good preview of how the texture will look

– Numbered texture-Also good for seeing how a texture will look.

– Stretch-Colorizes UVs. Red  means UVs are compressed. Blue means UVs are stretched. Green means UVs are good.

Uvs_03 Uvs_04 Uvs_05

Roadkill Hotkeys are “E”-edge tool, “C”-cut edg and” W”-weld edge. Select an edge that you want to make a seam and Cut “C” and Roadkill automatically unfolds the mesh.


Continue to Cut “C” and Wedge “W” until you have green UVs and a small number of UV shells then toggle the LSCM switch on and off to find the best UV layout. This reorganizes your UV’s as an organic or artificial mesh.



You can move UVs around in Roadkill, but it is much easier to move the UVs and make final tweaks in Maya. Save and Import .obj back into Maya.

Uvs_11 Uvs_12 Uvs_13

Select the Roadkill .obj then shift select the mesh receiving the UVs and open Transfer Attributes:  Polygon menu: Mesh > Transfer Attributses and with both objects still selected, delete history. Now you can delete  the Roadkill .obj. Open the UV editor and move UVs around and reorganize your UV space. Remember that faces requiring more detail need to take up more space and that layout isn’t final: You can always tweak the UVs after you start texturing.


Here is a more in depth Roadkill tutorial:

There is not much gaming I hope this helps.


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